What Harry Potter taught me

There are 3 types of people in the world:-
-Those who haven’t read Harry Potter and don’t know much about it.
-Those who have read Harry Potter and loved it ❤
-Those who say they have read the books and didn't like them

I don't understand the 3rd type. When I first read the series, I understood what obsession felt like. I couldn't put it down. My thoughts were filled with it. It wasn't healthy, clearly. Especially, when I finished the books. It was like a void in my brain. I saw the movies to fill that void and wanted to chuck my laptop after it was done.

All this sounds badly exaggerated, I know, but it's all true. I have all my friends and family to back me on that because during my HP obsession period, it's all I was about.

All the people who have met HP fanatics and aren't one don't get it. For obvious reasons *thinks about how mad I am over it*. To you, it's a book. A good book, doubtless. Excellent plot, brilliant characters, plot twists and all, but it's a book, goddammit!

I use this post to explain what it was to the fans and what it taught me.

1. It made me experience a lot, most of all- the feeling to escape into a world a quadrillion times more exciting than your own. Harry Potter is written in a way that you start to live with the characters. From the first book, where you hunt for the stone to the last book, where you battle for the characters you've grown to love so much. I laughed, cried and experienced it all with this series. Once again, I know just how obnoxious this sounds but that's what it was, okay!

2.Obsession never ends well. (I know how ironic this is, but yet lol) Voldemort was obsessed with power . Bellatrix was obsessed with Voldemort. Their stories didn’t end very well. Enough said.

3.Everyone got a tragedy and everyone got a pot of gold.

4. Being an unsung hero doesn't mean you aren't a hero. May it be Neville, Molly, Ginny or any one in the book at all, they did what they felt was right. That made them a hero, unsung, but heroes.

5.At all points of the book, there is something to fear. But fear is a problem, more often than not, bigger than the problem itself. Sometimes you must just scream- 'Ridickulus'.

6. The characters taught me everything:-

Harry taught us the importance of friendship and bravery and how in the end, love for your closest ones is the best kind of magic we have.

Ron taught us that we are all important in our own way and sometimes, it's best to live life the best way possible even if we feel we aren't good enough.

Hermione taught young girls to be fierce warriors and not delicate princesses.

Draco taught us how you will never be happy until you live on your own terms.

Voldemort taught us how a life without love and only greed was barely anything to brag about.

The Weasleys taught us what it meant to be family

Luna taught us how being yourself made you the happiest

The Twins taught us that even in the darkest times, there is hope, light, joy and laughter.

To those of you who hasn't read the series- there's a reason we're begging you to! It makes us happy just to think that there's someone reading it all for the first time not knowing the adventure that awaits you next.

PS: I know this is quite different from what I usually write but just wanted to try something new 🙂 Tell me what you feel about it.


Youtube Channels- An Addict’s List

So, I don’t know if I have mentioned before but I am a Full time procrastinator. For many people, distractions lie in the form of Social Media or binge watching shows but for me, it’s hours of videos and the spirals can sometimes be pretty saaad. For example, you start by watching something educational about wormholes but few hours later you’re watching this :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNJdJIwCF_Y

Well naturally that means I follow a lot of YouTube channels, so let me share some with you (but, let me warn you- this stuff can get addictive).

1. Vlogs + Normal (won’t elaborate a lot on these)

Liza Koshy ❤ – The little brown girl is naturally funny, no questions asked.

Thatcher Joe- Brilliant Pranks!!



Superwoman – I know many people don't like her and I'm not a big fan of her recent stuff but she is very relatable!

Fine Bros

2.Educational (This list is embarrassingly long but I am kind of geeky, sooo….)
Exurb1a- (I don't care whether you see anything else on this post but please see this. If you like science and spacey stuff, PLEASE SEE THIS!! It's hilarious too. Bonus: The guy has a British accent :3)

CGP Grey- History, Politics and GK


Minute Physics and Earth



There are more, of course. I follow some on self improvement like The School Of Life (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+school+of+life). And some other really dumb but entertaining ones like PES films (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pes+films)and Mind Oddities (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mind+oddities).

Kk have fun watching this stuff while sharpening your procrastinating skills but don't come blaming me once you are hooked to it 😀

Reyna Out.

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Why some Hindi shows make NO sense whatsoever!

Bottom line- few shows just annoy the crap out of me. Reason: I have a brain. To elaborate on those reasons and make them clearer, here are my 8 points:-

#1 They’re filled with labels.
Women work in the kitchen. Men are leaders of homes. A woman and her mother-in-law cannot get along. Name it and you’ll see it here. This is probably the reason why they are watched by such narrow minded people.

#2 The Main Protagonist
This person is plainly pissing off. You know how you must always aim to keep an amazing main character? The makers of this crap just don’t get it. The main character is almost always this woman who stays at home and cooks and sweeps and is married to some influential guy who is actually a jerk. She is mistreated by her in-laws but bares it all and never voices her opinion. She just keeps silent as it her duty as a good wife. I know, right!? Scared, Weak and Stupid. Sooo likable.

#3 The Villain
And then there’s this person. To add on to the misery of the dysfunctional family portrayed in the serial, this one is set out to ruin their lives. What’s even more annoying is that this character is by far, the smartest while the main protagonist may qualify to be the dumbest person ever. The Villain may be pointing a knife at the protagonist while she’ll be wondering ‘I shouldn’t call for help. It’ll wake my husband and I’ll break my vow to be a good wife’.

#4 Superstitions
A photo frame breaks. Something bad happens. You walk with your left foot first. Something bad happens. A cat leaves your home. Something bad happens. A plate falls. Well, that’s the end of the world. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.

#5 Suspense
Usually, suspense is one of those things that actually make you continue watching something. But in Indian soaps, the fact remains that the suspense is always obvious. No plot twists. It’s never going to surprise you unless you’re thinking ‘It’s most certainly not the main villain of the story who absolutely detests the main character,’.

#6 Lookalikes:
I hope you all do know that everyone does not have a lookalike. And they do not appear at your doorstep randomly for no apparent reason at all.

#7 Zero Happiness
Every single person in the show is unhappy. Everyone except for the villain, the bad guy. They don’t show more than one episode where the good ones are happy. It almost conveys the message that good people never have good lives. But, then again, the good ones are beyond stupid, so yeah.

#8 Zero Reality
You know when do you really like a thing? When it’s relatable in some way. But talking of these serials, absolutely nothing is true. Not one thing! All those labels don’t exist any more. Find me a person like the protagonist and I’ll reward you a million dollars and please, this isn’t all what my country is like.

So there it is! Y’all out there, if you don’t have to watch this kinda shit at every family dinner, consider yourself lucky!

PS: Sorry for not writing for the past two weeks. One word- EXAMS 😦

PPS: I’m facing the writer’s block so many times!!! Any remedy? Thanks!!

Reyna Out.

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So I was working on one post by the name of ‘High School Problems’. It occurred to me that if there’s one thing that annoys the shit out of me, It’s people acting fake.

Let’s face reality and accept one very true fact: There are hardly any genuine people left in this world. It’s not anybody’s fault, really, it’s just the fact that we all want to be liked, by everybody. But then again, nobody’s personality is perfect by itself so we take another way round. We stop being ourselves and start acting fake.

Signs of a fake person:
a) Hugging people like they really care about each other while in reality, you talk once in 5 months.
b) Simply giggling like a maniac (Sorry, I mean cutie)
c) Overacting about everything like you’re the happiest person on the planet.
d) Judging people because they aren’t perfect, like you (Note: Replace perfect with fake)
e) Constantly telling people they don’t care what others think of them. Yeah, right.

Why? Just why? I remember when I used to be close friends with a few such people. What exactly happened to all of you? Cut out being so fake. Stop thinking what others think of you and please be who you really are. That’s what is real fun.

PS: If you’re a genuine person, be proud and don’t care about those who judge you. Cause you are awesome, in your own sweet way.

PPS: Wow, this post was deep, but it’s really something that’s ruined our society.Also, seeing so many of my friends become all fake, it was pretty rough.


Reyna Out

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Ever feel worthless? READ THIS.

There must be times where you feel just useless. Your life seems like one cluttered hot mess with lesser motivation as every day passes by, as mind- numbingly insignificant as the last. This feeling sucks- no explanation required.

Now, have a look at this:-

See that small dot over there? How insignificant and small and useless does it feel?! That, right there is Earth, surrounded by light years of nothingness. But, guess what? This little dot isn’t small or insignificant after all, it’s the single most freaking important thing that we know of on the entire picture. The most important. It stands there, unique. The only planet that harbors life as we know it.

Now, lets zoom in a bit further. Life, you can understand now, is pretty rare. But even life has a hierarchy of its own. Every species is different. There are the insects, who see this world for a few days at most and never do they comprehend it. There are bigger creatures, too. These guys:

Wow, they look mighty don’t they. You would never guess that they’re all overpowered by just one big guy:

Wait what?! This guy? He rules this planet!? We don’t look like much but we humans are at the top of the hierarchy of life with the coolest feature ever: The power to think, to understand, to comprehend.

And then there’s time. Humans have changed this world from rocks to a place booming with development and technology. If a guy from the 1700’s ever came here, I’d bet all my money that he’d die by the shock. You and I live in a brilliant age. Our ancestors would give their limbs just to experience a few days in it.

Remember, you and I are the icing on the cake of the universe. Enjoy your status and never, ever, call yourself worthless, cause you aren’t.

Reyna Out.

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People during Exams

Being in the 9th grade, I am constantly shrouded with exams. And, of course, none of us really need a list of reasons as to why that is tiring. Studying for a month, cherishing the absence of exams for about three days before starting to feel guilty about not doing anything for the next exam and repeat!

But then again, we all have different ways of handling the pressure and so I bring to you the way people deal with exams:

#TYPE 1 Student:
This is the one who is calm and collected about the exam and knows the best tricks to prepare. After the result is out,he gets decent marks and stays consistent throughout the year with the same pattern. It’s not like the dude studies too hard or has bigger brains, it’s just those very tricks to study productively.
Signs of Type 1: Whistling and smiling knowingly after seeing the paper.

#TYPE 2 Student:
This one is the guy who studies so damn hard but ends up getting pretty average marks and is continually miffed about it. He is like the opposite of ‘Type #1’ cause he uses the technique which is NOT recommended.. Mugging up.
Signs of Type 2: Sobbing silently after seeing the paper 😦

#TYPE 3 Student:
The one who is naturally brainy and aces every exam without even trying. AND WE HATE THIS PERSON. No fault of theirs, of course. Life, Y U No fair?
Signs of Type 3: Taking a continuation sheet when you’ve done well….nothing.

#TYPE 4 Student:
This person really does look like a zombie every day before the paper. Eyes puffed up, hair undone and dozing off every other second. These are the people who think studying the night before actually works. (For the record, they’re wrong.) They aren’t at all well prepared and have done a mastery in cheating.
Signs of Type 4: Being that piss-off who calls you for an answer every goddamn minute.

#TYPE 5 Student:
The person who says that s/he hasn’t studied but rattles every answer like a damn textbook. And it’s stupidly obvious they were lying about not studying.
Signs of Type 5: Says they’re gonna get a 56. *Gets a 97*.

#TYPE 6 Student:
The person who says they are well prepared. Sound well prepared. But get horribly low marks. Every time.
Signs of Type 6: Says they are gonna do well. *Fails*.

#TYPE 7 Student:
Take one advice from me. Never be this guy. We may all complain as to how pointless school and exams are but at the bottom of our hearts, we know that it’s literally what frames us. This person just doesn’t ever study or give a shit about what they are going to do in future. They just fail miserably and don’t even care. Instead, they think its cool, failing. Yeah right.
Signs of Type 7: Fidget with their ID card and write some random stuff on the sheet when a teacher passes by.

So there it is, you guys. To place myself in one of these, I would like to think of myself as a Type 1 along with being a full time procrastinator. Dunno if that even matches. What about you guys? You one of these or are you a new breed altogether? Tell me in the comments!

Reyna Out.

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Internet Gems

zingYou know those times, when you’re doing the casual wandering on the internet on any other lazy afternoon, but then you come across this site that BLOWS YOUR MIND? It happens to me quite often and these sites are what I often refer to as ‘Internet Gems’.

I have toppled on quite a few of them and so I thought I might as well share my list with you guys.
Sorry if the descriptions are short, I’m feeling kind of lazy today.

1) Wait But Why : http://waitbutwhy.com/
Wait But Why is a blog which gives detailed, high quality posts about topics that are important for the future and society. You’ll find yourself actually giving a thought to things you thought you never really cared about.

2) Colour Lovers : http://www.colourlovers.com/
This site is well….colourful. You can color patterns, make pallets and design your own colour types. Besides, its packed with some really awesome people.

3) The Scale Of The Universe : http://htwins.net/scale2/
This site honestly blew my mind. How humans are just sooo ‘tiny’ but also so huge at the same time. It’s actually quite freaking scary.

4) This Is Why I’m Broke: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/
This site is like a never ending list of cool things. Unfortunately, for me, none of it ships to India 😦

5) Just Shower Thoughts: http://just-shower-thoughts.tumblr.com/
This site lists down few mind-whacking realizations, just the kind of ones we get while we shower.

6) XKCD: http://xkcd.com/ https://what-if.xkcd.com/
These two sites are filled with science related articles which might sound kind of boring until you see it for yourself. Call me a nerd, I don’t care.

7) Gives me Hope: http://www.givesmehope.com/
This site is filled with stories of goodness and they give you hope that humanity isn’t truly lost. Almost everytime I read it, I feel a little happier.

8) Agar: http://agar.io/
I know this isn’t a site, it’s a game. Either ways, you should totally check it out.

So I’m gonna stop here. However, this list is by all means incomplete, so I I’ll post a few more of these sometime later.
For now anyways, if you’re bored, I give you this: http://www.theuselessweb.com/

Reyna Out

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